About Us

HVAC SOLUTIONS provides heating, ventilating, and air conditioning products, system solutions, and technical application expertise, primarily for any Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, or Plumbing contractor, or Engineer, who needs these services. In addition to products satisfying HVAC needs, we also supply a wide array of controls, green products, and energy generation equipment. See our line up of products by clicking here.

We perform these services with knowledgeable in house sales and marketing support personnel, by providing timely quotations, submittals, and ordering equipment for both Plan & Spec, and Design/ Build marketplaces. Our application oriented Product Managers will ordinarily exceed expectations, with field sales calls assisting in training, developing schedules & specifications, assist and widely communicate vendor information, and provide liaison with factory personnel on behalf of, and to the satisfaction of, our customer/client. This customer/client interaction is our primary sales channel. We may develop and include direct sales opportunities with end users, for export, third party logistical buyers, or wholesalers – and others as they are made available.

Our marketing events have included trade shows, or local events in association with ASHRAE/ SMACNA/ NIACCA (or similar group) meetings, our mobile product marketing lab, hands on technical training in our state-of-the-art lab located in Melrose Park, IL, and factory training visits w/ customers. These events are a requirement for consistent promotion of products and systems on behalf of our commitment to all of our vendor/ suppliers. Our Product Managers are detailed, and responsible for all product lines – divided into residential, commercial, and hydronic specialties, to fairly represent our vendors with knowledge of system application, technical data, pricing, availabilities, and website knowledge. Click here for more information about our Product Managers!

We are located in Lansing, IL at 17725 Volbrecht Road, serving a marketplace including the greater Milwaukee area, Northeastern Ilinois, and Northern Indiana. Please contact us @ 708-418-7899 for general information.